OMG so cute. His voice is so cute! His hair is so cute!

OMG!! I want kids like him!


Kung makahanap naman ako ng tips to get over you…Hahahaha…Hahaha…Haha…Ha.

The Solace in Silence

In days spent over a stack of photocopied readings, multiple gadget screens, playing card games, catch-up-on-a-few-hours-of-sleep nights, and a few other things, I have come to realize at 1:16 in the morning that my life at the moment while at its most dynamic, has also become too loud. I have forgotten the beauty of self-reflection in silence, the things I could learn from listening. I think I may have been too preoccupied to notice the change I have been undergoing…becoming a little insensitive to others and ultimately, altering my personality. I admit that I enjoy what I am now, a little less reserved than before and more expressive of emotions. Nevertheless, I think it’s high time that I also rethink this reinvention and take a step back—-back to those moments when I was not so brash and more considerate of the people around me.

I can’t fucking do this anymore.